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Everything Nexben does is focused on people and improving their everyday experience. By challenging the status quo and reshaping the health benefits landscape, we’re changing lives—for neighbors, coworkers, even the person next to you at the grocery store.


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We make complicated things simple—so you can focus on the important stuff.

Nexben delivers financial technology, allowing people to gain financial control and expand their freedom of choice. With simple, effective, and accessible administrative and payment solutions, you can spend wisely and live fully.

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Nexben’s strength comes from diverse, talented people who can be their whole selves in the equitable and inclusive environment we uphold. We listen generously, do the work to educate ourselves, and call others in.

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Nexben is fueled by curiosity, creativity, and determination.

Join a team of changemakers looking to make people’s lives simpler and healthier. Let’s redefine the future of health benefits and make a meaningful impact—together.