Amp up your offerings.

Level up your business with a scalable, turnkey solution for benefits programs of any size.

Deliver a solution that works—industry-wide.

Nexben’s technology is engineered to scale, enabling you to seamlessly deploy, manage, and support health benefits for diverse employer groups and across endless health plans.


An effortless ICHRA solution.

Simplifying the health benefits experience—for everyone.

The Nexben solution lets you grow your employer base without increasing overhead. Employers predict and control their costs. Employees enjoy the freedom to choose the coverage that fits their needs.

Our technology enables offering ICHRAs at any scale—and funds payment distribution to each benefits provider quickly and easily. All on a safe, secure, and compliant platform.


Put technology to work for you.

The patent-pending payment solution powering up your business.

Our technology-first solutions streamline enrollment, management—and best of all, payment—so you can expand your offerings, not your workforce.

The Nexben Payment Solution consolidates premium billing and payment data—turning numerous invoices into one itemized statement. This simplifies administration by enabling employers to make a single payment—all while managing compliance risk. And with an unlimited capacity, the technology allows you to scale quickly and easily.

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