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Nexben is led by a team of bold, forward-thinking changemakers—dedicated to a common goal: changing the benefits landscape by offering payment solutions that help people spend wisely and live fully.



TGG Solutions, The Walt Disney Company, Burger King

Keith is deeply invested in how to make both space and place better for everyone—and he works diligently to create solutions for the people he’s serving.

Keith is a seasoned executive with deep industry knowledge and an understanding of the power of collaboration. He knows that no one person can disrupt an industry alone—but leveraging the expertise, skills, and experience of the entire team will change the game.

Keith’s background in consulting and hospitality honed his affinity for solving problems, optimizing systems, and generally making things better for people. Across industries and experiences, Keith’s past roles shape the philosophy and work ethic that fuels Nexben.

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Publicis Health, Sahn Ward Coschignano PLLC

John Christopher is an accomplished executive whose work in investment management, partnerships, and business affairs is driving strategic and innovative growth.

John Christopher leads Finance, Legal, and People Operations in his role at Nexben.  He’s a “reformed” lawyer who leads cross-functional teams in the dynamic space of health and wellness.

He began his career as a partner in a New York law firm and expanded into pivotal leadership roles at some of the world’s largest advertising holding companies—in health technology and media.

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TGG Solutions

Matt is passionate about simplifying complex problems—and helping others feel confident in their decisions.

He serves as a key contributor to the senior leadership team, providing critical insights and information to drive strategic decisions. Matt’s ability to understand all perspectives and challenges in a given situation—and then empowering people to make well-informed decisions—makes him a foundational part of the Nexben team.

Matt’s background in technology, finance, and data analysis ensure that Nexben makes strong information-driven decisions.



Clients: Google, IBM, Warner Brother Records, Johnson Controls, Toyota, Stryker

Larry is passionate about helping businesses grow with digital solutions that align with their vision, values, and goals. He leads technology for Nexben, collaborating with teams across the organization to ensure the best possible experience for each and every person using the platform. His approach ensures that organizational technology decisions are based on strong data and research.

With decades of experience across a wide variety of industries, Larry’s breadth of knowledge provides a critically unique perspective to the challenge of optimizing technology in an ever-changing landscape.

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WPP, Publicis Health, Sharecare, Meredith, WebMD

Colan’s passion for innovation, healthcare, and technology aligns with Nexben’s mission to be a business that makes people’s lives better. He’s a visionary leader with a remarkable track record in brand development, organizational structure, and strategic partnerships. And his ability to build brands, solve strategic problems, and find top talent makes him an invaluable advisor—fueling Nexben’s growth and brand.

Colan’s expertise extends beyond healthcare into advertising, entertainment, sports, technology, social media, and mental health. His diverse background and wealth of knowledge are instrumental in guiding marketing and sales teams to new heights.

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UnitedHealth Group, U.S. Bank, Conduent, Alegeus

With a deep professional background in banking, healthcare, and various financial services and benefits programs, Mark’s ability to apply his experience is a critical component of building Nexben.

Mark oversees the design, build, launch, and support of Nexben products. His ability to motivate teams, align processes, and disrupt industries enables the delivery of outstanding technology solutions.

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TGG Solutions, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Van Andel Institute

Anedra is an advocate for people—within Nexben and beyond. With a diverse background and dedication to excellence, her passion for equity, inclusive work environments, and best practices are critical components of her leadership.

Anedra oversees the execution of People Operations’ strategy to create and maintain a best-in-class employee experience where all Nexbeners can thrive. She works across all functions of business, supporting the company’s vision and mission.

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TGG Solutions

Lisa’s role at Nexben is all about setting people up for long-term success—whether that means onboarding new partners, educating customers on how to utilize the Nexben platform, or turning user feedback into customer success strategies. Her team includes customer success management, customer onboarding and retention, and customer care.  

With a robust background in business consulting, project management and insurance and a passion for solving complex business problems, Lisa is poised to help shepherd Nexben into its next chapter. 

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