Grow your business with an innovative group benefits solution.

Effortlessly deliver an ICHRA solution powered by Nexben’s patent-pending payment technology.

Nexben ICHRA

Empower employers with a defined contribution plan.

Introduce an ICHRA—a group health plan based on a defined contribution that gives individuals choice and employers flexibility. Simply put:


build a health benefit package around a set dollar amount.

choose the best-fitting individual health coverage.
bring their own marketplace experience or use a trusted Nexben partner.

Deliver a one-click, one payment solution.

Leverage the most powerful solution in the market to help your clients control costs.

Game-Changing Technology

Nexben provides a one-click technology to facilitate the distribution and reconciliation of payments for each benefits provider—quickly and easily.

Simplest ICHRA Option

Confidently offer the simplest ICHRA option—a unique pre-tax payroll withholding solution that moves beyond traditional reimbursement models.

Market Expansion

Grow your client base with this innovative group benefits solution for companies of any size.

Working together.

We’ve got your back. Nexben gets you up to speed and connects you with the best tips, tricks, and tools to succeed.

Platform Training
Comprehensive onboarding to get you up and running—fast.
Relationship Managers
Helping you build an easy-to-implement strategy to keep you moving forward.
Resources and Support
The tools you need to swiftly onboard employer groups.

Streamline benefits administration.

ICHRA without reimbursements.

Simplified Administration
Clients can skip receipts and reimbursement—and enjoy carrier payments consolidated into a single bill.
Monitor Enrollment
Leverage employer dashboards to manage and monitor enrollment progress.
One Platform
No heavy lifting. Employers have everything they need to manage enrollment, so you have time to build your business.
Easy Visibility
View employee payment status for easy follow-up and peace of mind.

Fortified against risk.

Providing security and compliance.

Reliable Service
Feel confident that premium payments are transferred accurately and on time for each employee and benefits provider.
Payment Integrity
Leverage the most protected and adaptable cloud network on the market—ensuring secure payment transfer, overdraft flexibility, and account balancing.
Compliance Protection
Manage compliance risk with Nexben’s secure banking structure and comprehensive tracking and reporting.

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Show clients how a defined contribution strategy can help control costs.

Discover how the Nexben Solution can transform your business—without adding complexity.

Let’s talk.

The right partner for you and your clients.

Nexben experts can’t wait to walk you through the industry-defining platform. And you’ll leave knowing confidently when Nexben is the right partner for your company.