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The Nexben ICHRA Solution
Learn why an ICHRA powered by Nexben is the smarter, simpler way to offer health benefits that provide choice, cost control, and easy administration.
How We Work Together
Benefits don’t have to be complicated. Together we make them easy. Learn more about how we’ll work together.
ICHRA Implementation Timeline and Checklist
Your comprehensive timeline and checklist to help you stay organized when setting up your ICHRA plan, opening enrollment, managing employees, and paying premiums.

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Case Study: A Solution When You’re Out of Solutions
See how a company facing insurmountable premium increases found a solution with Nexben when they thought they were out of options.
Case Study: Cost Savings Powered by Nexben
Learn how one company was able to meet its goals of cost savings, simple setup, and offering greater choice to its employees while increasing plan participation.

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