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With Aetna, Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan (BCBSM), Cigna, Humana, Mutual of Omaha, Physicians Health Plan, Priority Health, United HealthCare and Wellcare.
With Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan (BCBSM) and Priority Health.
With Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan (BCBSM).

With InPocket Plan, Premium Saver, Dental, Vision, Telemedicine, Identity, Life, Disability, Cancer, Indemnity, Accident, and GeoBlue Travel Plans.

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Medicare Resources

2024 Medicare 101 Presentation Slide Deck
Medicare Compliance Changes for 2024 AEP
2024 Medicare Enrollment Kit Order Form
2024 CMS Disclosure Requirements

2024 Nexben goXpress Feature Updates and Training

Medicare Information Gathering Form

Permission to Contact Medicare Form

Turning Age 65 Template
Medicare Supplement GA vs GI
Understanding Credible Coverage
Medicare Plan Election Periods
Medicare Part A & B Enrollment Period

Tips to Pass the AHIP Exam Webinar

BCBSM IBAC: Where to Locate It Webinar
BCBSM IBAC: Additional Support
PH: Where to Locate it Webinar
Calculating FTEs
Medicare: Who Pays First?
Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage Plans
Creating a Successful Sales Pipeline Without a CRM
Hosting a Medicare Education Event
Giving a Compliant MAPD or PDP Plan Presentation

Scope of Appointment Form

What to Know for the AHIP Exam

Medicare Insurance Questionnaire

Individual U65 Resources

2024 BCBSM U65 Product Training
2024 Priority Health U65 Product Training
2024 Marketplace Application and Attestation Form
Individual Health Insurance Questionnaire

Marketplace Consent Template

Agent Compensation Disclosure Template

BCBSM IBAC: Where to Locate It Webinar
BCBSM IBAC: Efficient Sales Webinar
BCBSM IBAC: Additional Support Webinar
PH: Where to Locate It Webinar
PH: Efficient Sales Webinar
Creating a Successful Sales Pipeline Without a CRM

U65 BCBSM SEP Eligibility Guide

Coverage Year 2024 Guidelines and Thresholds

Family Glitch Fix Webinar

How to get FFM Certified

Group Resources

OneSource Existing Business Quote
Onesource GWC
How to Access Resources in OneSource
Quoting New Business in OneSource
Benefit Change Black Out Periods
Common Control for Blue Cross and BCN
Accessing the Blue Cross LMS
Community Blue vs. Simply Blue
Embedded Coinsurance Maximum
Group Questionnaire
Calculating FTEs
Medicare: Who Pays First?

Ancillary Resources

InPocket Plan Agent Guide
Introducing InPocket Plan Webinar
Introducing Premium Saver Webinar
Introduction to GeoBlue Webinar

Morgan White Group Contracting Instructions

InPocket Plan Bonus Incentive

InPocket Features & Coverage

Why Choose Premium Saver

Premium Saver FAQ

Group Products Through Morgan White Group

GeoBlue Contracting Instructions


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