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Why Businesses are Switching to Individual Coverage HRAs
Employers are experiencing significant health benefit cost increases year after year. Find out how you can control health insurance costs, increase employee retention, and provide choice. 
Duration: 60 min
Navigating Individual Coverage HRA Compliance A – Z
To win at ICHRA, understanding compliance will set you ahead. Learn how to keep Nexben ICHRA groups compliant through contribution setting, reporting, and documentation.
Duration: 60 min
Five Keys to Individual Coverage HRA Success
Individual Coverage HRA’s have seen a 350% growth since inception in 2020. It’s time to get this product out to the market. Join us to find out. 
Duration: 50 min
A Guide to the Nexben Platform
The Nexben platform allows people to gain financial control and increase freedom of choice by offering simple, effective, and accessible payment solutions that help people spend wisely, protect fiercely, and live fully.
Duration: 50 min

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