Payment for individual coverage—made easy.

Technology that provides complex options—without the complexity.

Your preferred partner for benefits payment technology.

Facilitating individual payments—and simplifying benefits administration.

The traditional reimbursement process just doesn’t work for individual benefits. With the Nexben Solution, you have the tools to offer employers a one-to-one experience while leveraging one-click technology to fund insurance premiums. Stay current—track, reconcile, and access your data 24/7.

The Nexben Solution assumes the task of moving funds from the employer, to the financial institutions, and the insurer—affecting these payments entirely via ACH rails.

Secure, predictable, reliable.

Enjoy flexibility and integrity with a trusted resource.

Set yourself up for scalability and operational efficiency by choosing the trusted technology partner. Nexben leverages the most protected and adaptable cloud network on the market to process millions of dollars every month.

Plug and play—your way.

Partnering with Nexben means you can focus on what you do best.

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