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Provide complex options—without the complexity. Nexben offers streamlined one-click payments, comprehensive reporting, and easy administration.

Leverage a seamless solution—with built-in experience.

Simplify benefit payments for you, your clients, their employees, and insurers.

Choose the safe, secure, and simple platform to manage your employee base and facilitate insurer payment. With 24/7 access to data and transaction history, the Nexben Solution provides dynamic insights for reviewing invoices, making adjustments, and initiating payment.


Distributing premium payments—without the hassle.

Insurers receive funds with one click, every time.

The Nexben Solution serves employers as an intermediary between insurer and bank, providing administrative and banking-related functions.

Nexben consolidates premium billing and payment data from all insurers—presenting one itemized employer benefit statement. Then you leverage Nexben’s tools to make one transfer facilitating the distribution and reconciliation of payment across insurers.


Make benefits easier—for everyone.

Skip the receipts, reimbursement processing, and debit cards.

Employers set their benefits budget. Participants enjoy the freedom to choose the individual coverage that fits their needs—from any insurer and marketplace in their area. And thanks to the unique Nexben account number for each participant, you administer benefits more efficiently.

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