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How ICHRAs Solve Today’s Top Benefits Problems

By John Kelly, Nexben CEO This article was originally published in America's Benefit Specialist magazine. Last spring a pair of surveys rolled out, highlighting the current state of health benefits: “2022 Emerging Trends in Health Care Survey”1 from Willis Towers...

How to gain control of benefits costs and give employees more choice

In an interview on health benefit costs, John Kelly (CEO of Nexben) says: “The costs of offering benefits to employees keep skyrocketing, and businesses are looking at how they can offer robust benefits but not pass the costs onto employees.” ICHRAs allow a company to...

Transparency is Key to the Future of Benefits

Consumer expectations have shifted over the past five to 10 years. People expect same-day service, instantaneous responses, and answers at their fingertips. In a word, they want transparency. And the insurance industry is not immune to those demands. Read on to learn...

Three signs it’s time to move to a new health insurance solution

In a new article published in Benefit Specialist Magazine, John Kelly examines how ICHRAs can be the answer to problems in the health insurance industry. And employers can take advantage of these benefits now with an ICHRA by triggering a special enrollment period,...

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