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8/2, 9/12
Why Businesses are Switching to Individual Coverage HRAs
Employers are experiencing significant health benefit cost increases year after year. Find out how you can control health insurance costs, increase employee retention, and provide choice.
8/3, 8/31, 10/10
Nexben Platform: A Technology Solution without Complication
Gain an inside look at the Nexben platform to better understand the dynamic tool that supports your business. It includes an overview of general administration, employee census and management, and the premium payment transfer process.
8/9, 9/13
A Benefit Solution to Control Costs and Meet Employee Needs
Explore and examine how defined contribution plans are leading a seismic shift in health benefits in much the same way that employers replaced defined-benefit pension plans with 401(k)s and changed the retirement landscape in a single generation.
8/16, 9/21
Health Plans that Drive Growth for Brokers and Savings for Employers
Examine a new type of employee group health plan that offers employers of any size greater flexibility over traditional group health plans and better meets the needs of employees – Individual Coverage HRAs.

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